Recent titles

The Last Voyage of the Rainbow Warrior - 30th Anniversary Edition
On 10 July 1985, French secret agents bombed the Greenpeace campaign flagship Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand. Portuguese-born photographer Fernando Pereira died in the sabotage outrage that shook the world. The bombed ship was scuttled off a New Zealand bay in 1987 to form a living reef and Rainbow Warrior II was commissioned. [+]
Media, Mayhem and Human Rights in the Pacific
A comprehensive "hidden stories of the Pacific" media and communication book about many of the region’s major issues of the past two decades such as the Fiji coups, Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville war and resource development crises, nuclear testing and health challenges, environmental degradation and climate change. [+]
Fatu Feu`u is an internationally recognised Samoan-New Zealand artist. He has been pivotal in shaping the interest in contemporary Pacific art globally and nurturing a generation of Pacific artists locally, leading to his reputation as the Father of contemporary Pacific art. In this book, Fatu shares his story, from wilful Samoan-village boy, to New Zealand factory-worker immigrant, to leader in his home communities and the global art world. [+]
A Novel, translated by Jean Anderson
"Who and where is the missing King? And what of his people - how will they reclaim their past in a world that is layered and wrapped in the history of others? Moetai Brotherson's sweeping and witty novel addresses these weighty matters through the voices of two very different heroes - Vaki, a gifted chess-playing Marquesan mute and Philippe, the French psychologist who commandeers his story. [+]
The Sāmoan Dictionary of Papaāli`i Semisi Ma`ia`i
Tusi`upu Sāmoa is a long-awaited dictionary of Sāmoan, the first comprehensive work of its sort written by a Sāmoan, Papaāli`i Dr Semisi Ma`ia`i. The work of over 40 years by one man, while working full time and helping raise a family, it is a comprehensive collection and explanation of Sāmoan words. [+]

Forthcoming titles

Illustrated by Azra Pinder Pancho
That first night in Samoa, Ana slept next to her grandmother on an old bed with sheets that smelled of mothballs. Now it was morning and as she opened her eyes, Ana saw that the other side of the bed was empty. She sat up and looked across the room. Mum and Dad were still fast asleep on their mattress on the floor. She pulled the mosquito net which covered the bed aside, tiptoed past her parents and went outside. [+]
Illustrated by Lange Taufelila
A collection of stories in both English and Niuean set on the island of Niue, The Tales of Nukututaha is Zora Feilo's reinterpretation of myth, legend and storytelling from her native land [+]